The Thothian Wheel

Copyright © 1999 by Bubba Hightower

Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999

howdy again,

thanks for your response to my e-mail. i'm just now beginning to go through many of the links at your site. five years ago when i began my calendar, i had no idea that anyone else was thinking along the same lines. it's great to see so many people recognizing the need for this sort of thing, though in a selfish way it's also a bit disappointing to see others bidding for the same bit of immortality. your spirit of cooperation is both inspiring and commendable. i would absolutely love to join your discussion group so please count me in. i have made some revisions to my calendar which brings it into line with yours and others' data. i am adopting your 668/669 alternating leap year system, i hope you don't mind. it works like this...... my time calculations work like yours and other's with the martian second a tad longer, and retaining the 60 second minute, 60 minute hour, and the 24 hour day; the outer ring of red circles represents 22 martian 30-day months; the smaller yellow circles represent the intercalary days, with their placement in the year being entirely aesthetic at this point. each month is divided into three 10-day weeks. the intercalary days fall outside the official months, therefore each first, second, third, etc... of each month falls on the same day of the week (see names later). the yellow ring in the outer circle represents the leap day. the blue circles represent 12 30-day earth months, with the gray small circles as intercalary days, and the yellow ring representing the leap day. the small gray circles also represent the four quarters, and the full and new moons, though i haven't done the graphic work yet. the solar disk in the center represents the sun, and i intend to correlate it with the 11 year sunspot cycle, but at present this is an area of knowledge far beyond my reckoning capabilities. and of course the blue circles can be used as clock hour markers. i'm hoping one day to have an entire solar system calendar that can be expressed in one visual image.

here's what i'm doing for names right now: the weekdays are very simple...... onesday through tensday. the months are kind of up in the air, but for now i'm using the letters of the hebrew alphabet or the trumps of a tarot deck. for the intercalary days i am using the eight tri-grams of the i ching, and yin- yang for the leap day. i thought about a constellation system somewhat like yours, but i figured that since mar's plane of orbit around the sun is slightly different to ours, coupled with its slightly more inclined axis that its zodiac would be slightly different.... it is a dream of mine to develop a martian astrology as well, but this is also presently out of my intellectual reach. anyway, a typical martian dj might say "good morning new texas! it's 7:54 in the a.m. on this beautiful new year's day. happy onesday, fool's 1st, orbit 23! if you're headed out to darius beach today it looks like heavy traffic already on the gangale expressway, and if you're on you're headed out to the pyramids take note that the hoagland turnpike is still undergoing heavy construction....." or whatever. or say it's 3:33 p.m., sixday, moon's 26th, orbit 44.... kiss your clock and make a wish. you get the picture.

sorry about the length of this letter and thanks for your interest. i've got more to say and tons to ask, and i'm excited about the discussion group. now let's all get off our asses and get to mars!!!!!!!!!!

bubba hightower

p.s. i believe that as humans we need more than scientific accuracy insomething like a calendar. we need the poetic, artistic, ritual, and spiritual. we need to feel touched by the mysteries of our past, and feel the promise of secrets to be revealed by the contemplation of something that seems so simple on the surface. peace to you and yours, and keep fighting the good fight.

Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 16:51:38 EDT

martian months:

0. fool's aleph
i. magus' beth
ii. priestess' gimel
iii. empress' daleth
iv. emperor's tzaddi
v. heirophant's vau
vi. lovers' zain
vii. chariot's cheth
viii. adjustment's lamed
ix. hermit's yod
x. fortune's kaph
xi. lust's teth
xii. hanged man's mem
xiii. death's nun
xiv. art's samekh
xv. devil's a'ain
xvi. tower's pe'
xvii. star's he'
xviii. moon's qoph
xix. sun's resh
xx. aeons' shin
xxi. universe's tau

martian weekdays:

onesday kether
twosday chokmah
threesday binah
foursday chesed
fivesday geburah
sixday tiphareth
sevensday netzach
eightsday hod
ninesday yesod
tensday malkuth

intercalary days:

ch'ien day of heaven
k'un day of earth
chen day of fire
k'an day of water
ken day of sleep
sun day of wandering
li day of enlightenment
tui day of bliss

leap day:

tao day of balance