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Author: Shaun Moss


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the optimal timekeeping system for Mars
developed by the Mars Time Group in 2001


The Utopian Calendar has been developed in response to a need for a timekeeping system for VirtualMars, and the online games the Republic of Mars, and Martian Dreams. An enormous amount of research and thought has gone into it's creation, and at this point it probably represents the most comprehensive and well-designed timekeeping system ever created for Mars.

The name comes from Utopia Planitia, the landing site of Viking 2, and also expresses that the calendar is intended for the utopian society we hope to create on Mars.

Many systems for Martian clocks and calendars have been proposed. We in the Mars Time Group have explored almost every aspect of almost every Martian and Earthly calendar and clock in our pursuit of the absolute best timekeeping system for Mars. Every tiny detail has been examined and discussed. Every reasonable combination of week lengths, month lengths, and clock units has been investigated.

Naturally we used many of our own ideas, however, many ideas from existing systems have been incorporated, and their original sources have been credited as accurately as possible. The Martian Time Website by Tom Gangale has been a particularly invaluable resource.

The Utopian Calendar has been in development approximately since early 2000, and will probably continue to evolve. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel welcome to email me.

Shaun Moss, November 2001

After considerable evaluation my conclusion was that, mathematically speaking, the Darian Calendar by Tom Gangale is the optimal calendar for Mars. This is perhaps not surprising, as Tom is the author of the Martian Time Website, which is, as far as I know, the best available resource on this topic. The Darian Calendar was first presented by Tom Gangale in the June 1986 issue of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, and again at the inaugural Mars Society convention in 1998.

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