This document is part of the Martian Time Boneyard. It was originally located at, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

A Mars Calendar

NASA has been and will continue landing a series of robots on the surface of Mars during these next few decades. The goal of the robotic missions is to learn more about Mars in preparation for manned missions.

The In Situ observation of any planet is naturally ordered by the solar cycle of that planet. The rise and fall of the sun bounds the daily activities of humans and in this case robots. Furthermore, the comparison of the observations from day to day and then year to year requires a system of time which regulates the effect of solar radiation. For these reasons, I have implemented a Calendar based on the Day and the cycle of the Vernal Equinox of Mars.

The current year in this new system is 3308. Look at Calendar to see the series of months and days in that year.

Besides an interesting series of numbers, the Calendar is based on the orbit characteristics of Mars. Look at the Calendar System Description to learn the details of the Calendar as well as how it was derived.

This work was made possible through the support of the Interactive Analysis Systems Program funded by Dr. Joseph Bredekamp of NASA.