"What day is it? Do days exist without calendars? Does time pass when there are no human hands left to wind the clocks?"
     -- Howard Koch, Invasion from Mars, the 1938 radio play based on H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds

Martian Time Topics by Author

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Learning To Live On Mars: Humans Adjusting To Martian Days
Alton Parrish
Jozef Pauwels
Millennium Mars Calendar: A tool for future colonists
Brooks Peck
The Elemental Calendar of Mars
Terry Phelan
Elemental Martian Calendars
Terry Phelan
Excerpt from "Report on Mars, No. 17"
William H. Pickering
Excerpt from "Omnilingual"
H. Beam Piper
Mars' Calendar
Planetary Society
Mars Time
David S. F. Portree
Posthuman Studios
Darian Calendar and Seasons
The Martian Year and Seasons
Martin J. Powell
Uniform Mars Calendar Adds Another Witness
John P. Pratt
Le Calendrier Martien
Olivier Prud'homme
Adjusting to Sol Takes Toll on Mars Roversí Teams
Tereza Pultarova